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Accommodation &
Little Extras

We offer itineraries with both guesthouse and camping accommodation to cater for all tastes and preferences. Our campsites offer wonderful ocean views or are surrounded by peaceful argan forests. The accommodation and facilities are comfortable with some extra touches such as free wifi and our very own coffee van serving freshy pressed coffee to your taste. Who expected a latte in the middle of Moroccan nature?  

Horse Riding Trek with Cheval Essaouira Morocco

Tent Accommodation

  • Large Berber tents that sleep up to 6-7 people are usually shared by a group of friends or female guests only

  • Smaller 1-2 people Canadian tents are also available

  • Comfortable mattresses and pillows are provided

  • We also have some spare blankets for colder months but we kindly ask you to bring your own sleeping bag


  • Usually in a shared room with an ensuite bathroom

  • Some guesthouses have a swimming pool or a roof top terrace with beautiful views at sunrise and sunset

  • We tend to stay in our trusted partner guesthouses but staying in the same guesthouse as presented in the images is not always guaranteed.

Horse Riding Trek with Cheval Essaouira Morocco

Meals & Beverages

  • All meals and drinks are included

  • We have our own kitchen staff who cook and prepare all meals in our camp kitchen

  • In the mornings you can have a freshly pressed coffee from our very own coffee van

  • Breakfasts include coffee and tea, bread and spreads, eggs and fruit

  • Lunches are usually packed in the saddle bags and enjoyed at our favourite lunch spots along the way. You can expect simple meals including rice, pasta, salads, canned fish, cheese and fresh fruit

  • A chilled soda or Moroccan tea with biscuits and sweets is served at sunset after a long day of riding

  • A typical dinner includes Harira soup as a starter, a delicious and comforting tajine as a main dish, and tea and fresh fruit for dessert

  • We aim to cater for all diets, however, we kindly ask guests with very strict diets to consider bringing their own snacks or supplements. Whilst delicious vegetables are served at every meal, unfortunately the vegan diet is not common in Morocco and vegan protein options such as tofu are not easily available. The Moroccan diet is also heavily grain based and gluten free options are not common. Kindly remember to let us know ahead of time and include a note in your reservation form. We’re happy to discuss your specific dietary requirements with you.

  • Please note we respect local laws and don’t serve, nor can allow alcohol on our treks.

Bathroom Facilities

  • There are shower tents with a bucket of warm water for daily washing and personal hygiene at our campsites

  • Please bring a trek towel and soap with you

  • A septic campsite toilet or option to go in the bush

  • Guesthouse rooms have ensuite bathrooms.

Horse Riding Trek with Cheval Essaouira Morocco

Extra Touches

  • Wifi is available at campsites and guesthouses although internet speed can vary

  • We have a mobile charging station but strongly recommend you bring your own power bank 

  • When weather permits, we set an evening campfire for all guests to enjoy

  • All photos and videos are offered and shared at the end of the trek

  • A complimentary individual gallop video filmed from the back of a quad bike.


  • Horses stay the night outdoors next to our campsite or guesthouse and are guarded by the team and dogs who follow us the whole trek

  • Guests are welcome to participate in horse care as much as they like. Bonding with your horse off saddle is highly encouraged.

Horse Riding Trek with Cheval Essaouira Morocco
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