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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What is included in the price?

All of our treks are all inclusive with: • Pick up just outside the Essaouira old town gates (unless otherwise stated in the itinerary) • Riding • Accommodation in a tent or guesthouse depending on your chosen itinerary • All meals and drinks. Remember to let us know about special dietary requirements. Please note we respect local laws and do not provide alcohol. • All photos and videos are offered and shared at the end of the trek. • A complimentary individual gallop video filmed from the back of a quad bike. Read more about accommodation and camping facilities in the accommodation section.

2 / What is excluded?

• Flights to Morocco • Airport transfers (can be arranged on request) • Additional nights' accommodation before or after your trek • Additional sightseeing, activities or other personal expenses • Tipping is voluntary

3 / How do I arrange my travel and transfers?

We are based in a small village called Diabat, just 10 minutes drive from Essaouira city center. Closest airport is Essaouira but you can also fly to Marrakech or Agadir international airports and make the 2-3h journey to Essaouira by road. There are regular busses to Essaouira from both cities, or ask us to arrange private airport taxi for ease. And once you’re in Essaouira, we’ll pick you up just outside the old town gates for your trek departure and drop you off on the last day. For local rides, we'll advise you how to reach us by taxi or car.

4 / What are the accommodation and camping facilities like?

Accommodation is usually in traditional, large, shared tents. We encourage friends to share a tent. If you travel alone or with your other half, a single or double dome tent can be arranged at no extra cost. Guesthouse and hotel accommodation follow the same principle - we usually ask friends to share, and double and single rooms can be arranged on request. All guesthouses and hotel rooms have private bathrooms. Please note camping facilities are basic but comfortable. We provide comfortable mattresses and pillows, but you need to bring your own sleeping bag. We have our own kitchen staff who cook and prepare all meals in our camp kitchen. In the mornings you can even enjoy a freshly pressed coffee from our very own coffee van. There are shower tents with a bucket of warm water for daily washing and personal hygiene. There's also a septic campsite toilet or option to go in the bush. Read more on our top tips on what to pack for your campign trek.

5 / How do I rate my riding ability?

Whilst we cater rides for all levels, the treks are more suitable for intermediate and experienced riders only. You need to be comfortable at all paces and be able to control a forward horse cantering in open country in a group of other horses. If you’re a beginner or novice rider, we recommend starting with local rides in Essaouira. We offer also horse riding lessons to help you build your skills and confidence before you take on a longer trek. 1. Beginner You may or may not have been on a horse a couple of times. Our treks are not usually for beginners. We recommend starting with local rides in Essaouira. 2. Novice You’ve had some riding lessons and will be able to mount and dismount without help, will be able to apply the basic aids and will feel comfortable, balanced and in control at a walk, rising trot and at canter. We recommend local rides in Essaouira, or in some cases a two-day trek can be accommodated. The longer treks are for more experienced riders. 3. Intermediate You are secure, well balanced and in control on a well schooled horse at all paces from a walk to fast canter in open country and over varied terrain. You will also be confident of riding for several hours at a time. 4. Advanced You are very well balanced and have many years experience in the saddle. You are fit and capable of remaining in light seat for extended canters. You are fit with soft hands and you are capable of handling a spirited horse in open country. Advanced riders will get the most out of our more adventurous 3-6 day treks.

6 / How do I book?

1. Choose your ride Browse the Trek Calendar or Treks page to select which trek you’d like to choose. You can ask us more information about any trek by emailing 2. Submit your reservation form a) Check the Trek information page for dates and prices. Please note, there is a minimum rider expectation for the trek to go ahead. For private treks and smaller groups, please contact us for a quote. b) Complete the reservation form selecting your preferred date. We will confirm the final price with you including extras such as transfer once you have submitted the reservation form. Please provide us with information on your riding skills and experience to help us assess if you have the necessary riding ability for the trek and allow us to assign a suitable horse for your level. 3. Payment and confirmation Once we have received your reservation form and where there is a place available for you, we will request your deposit in order to secure your reservation. The usual deposit is 30%. Once we have received your deposit, we will confirm your place on the ride. We will also email you important information about the trek and kindly ask for a copy of your passport if you have chosen one of our camping itineraries. We will need this one month ahead of departure to arrange necessary camping permits with local authorities.

7 / What to pack?

Our trek itineraries take you to wild and remote locations. The weather in the Essaouira region is warm around the year but it can get windy. We recommend short sleeves during the day around the year and warm layers in the evening and winter months. • Outer layer such as windbreaker jacket (winter months) • Mid layer such as fleece or jumper • Long sleeved cotton shirts • Short sleeve T-shirts or sleeveless tops • Jeans / breeches • Riding helmet (We have some helmets to lend but it is better if you bring yours for your own comfort and safety. Please note riding without a helmet is at your own risk) • Sun hat with strap or a baseball cap • Riding/ hiking socks • Riding boots and chaps • Trainers or soft shoes for the evenings • Swimsuit in summer • Reusable water bottle • Camera • Head torch • Sunglasses (to protect your eyes from the sun and dust) • Sun block • Personal medication and toiletries • Power bank or solar charger • Microfibre travel towel • Sleeping bag to camping itineraries • Some of our guests have found it helpful to pack an eye bath/ saline solution to rinse the eyes at the end of the day as the fine sand and dust tends to get everywhere. Pack everything in a soft duffle bag or dry bag. Kindly leave large luggage at home or in your hotel storage room for the duration of the trek. Our team will transfer your bags to the campsite or guesthouse during your trek, you’ll only carry a water bottle and the essentials you need during the day in saddle bags.

8 / What kind of horses will I be riding?

Our horses are Barb or Barb/ Arabian crossbred stallions. They are well trained, extremely responsive, forward going, fit and know their job – making for excellent trail horses. Our stallions are friends with each other but while riding, it is important riders keep a good distance from one another. Our treks are for intermediate and advanced riders who we expect to be able to control their horse in open landscapes and at a fast pace. The horses are ridden in good quality English-style saddles or trail saddles. We have a maximum weight limit of 80kg for our horses. However, if you’re an advanced rider near this weight limit, please get in touch first. You’ll be assigned a horse suitable for your abilities for the duration of the trek. During the trek, you’re welcome to participate and help with grooming and tacking-up your own horse, but this is optional, and assistance is always on hand. Many of our clients love to bond with their horse during a multiday trek, so this is encouraged for happy people and happy horses!

9 / Do I need visa or vaccinations?

Currently, travellers from Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States can enter Morocco for up to 90 days for the purpose of tourism without a visa. However, any visa requirements are your responsibility so please check ahead of travel. The same goes for vaccinations, please speak to your health provider and check country specific requirements before travel.

10 / Do I need insurance?

Insurance is compulsory. We insist that you travel with full travel and medical insurance for the duration of the holiday, including coverage for horse riding. We accept no liability for accidents on our rides – riders ride at their own risk. If you choose not to wear a riding helmet this is at your own risk: please check this against your holiday/medical insurance as you may not be covered.

11 / What if I have dietary requirements?

We aim to cater for all diets, however, we kindly ask guests with very strict diets to consider bringing their own snacks or supplements. Whilst delicious vegetables are served at every meal, unfortunately the vegan diet is not common in Morocco and vegan protein options such as tofu are not easily available. The Moroccan diet is also heavily grain based and gluten free options are not common. Kindly remember to let us know ahead of time and include a note in your reservation form. We’re happy to discuss your specific dietary requirements with you.

12/ Will I have internet?

Wifi is available at campsites and guesthouses although internet speed can vary. There’s no Wifi at the stables in Diabat. You will have to rely on your mobile data which can be costly for foreign operators. We recommend purchasing a local prepaid SIM card, or just enjoy a digital detox with us!

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